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  Lijiayan Reservoir is listed as one of 172 national major water conservancy projects and one of 12 PPP water conservancy pilot projects. Meanwhile, it is also among 20 national major water conservancy projects commenced in 2016. It is about 1.3km to the upper stream of Qingfengling Bridge, Huaiyuan Town, Chongzhou, Chengdu City. Dominated by urban and rural water supplies, the project is also positioned to supplying emergency water and irrigation water, and also generating electricity.


  I. Project Overview

  On April 9, 2015, the Proposal for Lijiayan Reservoir Project was approved by National Development and Reform Commission. And on January 15, 2016, the Feasibility Study Report for Lijiayan Reservoir Project passed the review of the Ministry of Water Resources and was then submitted to National Development and Reform Commission for approval.

  In accordance with the Feasibility Study Report, the total investment for the project is about RMB 4,947 million, including investment for engineering construction accounting for about RMB 2,171 million and compensation for land acquisition and resettlement RMB 2,346 million or so. Total duration of the project lasts for 54 months.

  Classified as the second type (II) reservoir, the project has a storage capacity amounting to 171.41 million cubic meters, and the normal storage level of reservoir at 763m. For years, the reservoir has supplied water at an average of 271.94 million cubic meters, and supply 144.22 million cubic meters for Chengdu downtown annually.

  II. Land Acquisition and Resettlement

  The land acquisition of the project affects 40 groups from 10 villages (communities) in four towns of Chongzhou and Dujiangyan (two county-level cities), totaling 3,168 populations. The area of land acquisition for constructing the project reaches 8,752.88 mu.

  III. Water Conveyance Pipeline Engineering

  The Water Conveyance Pipeline Engineering is as a supplementary to Lijiayan Reservoir and in the charge of local government. It traverses through Chongzhou, Wenjiang District, Dujiangyan, Pidu District (formerly known as Pi County), and is positioned to supplying water and emergency water for downtown Chengdu (Direct-administrated Area of Tianfu New Area included), enriching the source of drinking water and lifting water supply safety in the area.

  The pipeline is 51.3km in length and capable of conveying water up to 2.75 million m3/d. The total investment in the engineering is about RMB 4.3 billion, total duration at 50 months.

  IV. Introduction to Project Legal Person

  According to the approval of Sichuan Provincial People's Government, Chengdu Municipal People's Government and State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Chengdu Municipal Government, Chengdu Lijiayan Development Co., Ltd. was established by Xingrong Group on May 20, 2015 and served as the legal person of Lijiayan Reservoir Project. Based on the requirements of “synchronous construction and operation of reservoir and pipeline” by Chengdu Municipal People's Government, Lijiayan Reservoir Project and Water Conveyance Pipeline Engineering were built and managed by Chengdu Lijiayan Development Co., Ltd.