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“Futuristic Technology for Environmental Protection”: Yingkeju Technology Co., Ltd. Is Established


“Futuristic Technology for Environmental Protection”: Yingkeju Technology Co., Ltd. Is Established

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After the launching of the new-round reform and transformation work of state-owned enterprises affiliated to Chengdu, Chengdu Environment Group has focused on the green development and the environment

  On November 19, “Chengdu Yingkeju Technology Co., Ltd.” (hereinafter referred to as “Yingkeju”), a new member of Chengdu Environment Group, was established to help Chengdu Environment Group engage in air pollution control industry.

Focusing on Green Development, Engaged in Air Pollution Control

  After the launching of the new-round reform and transformation work of state-owned enterprises affiliated to Chengdu, Chengdu Environment Group has focused on the green development and the environmental issues of concern to the people, restructured the industrial development system, transformed from a water enterprise into a whole industry environmental service platform, strived to build a “further environmental protection” pattern featuring coordinated development of five industries including water, comprehensive utilization of solid waste, air and soil pollution control, environmental protection equipment manufacturing and integrated environmental services, and set the goal of building a leading state-owned enterprise in the environmental industry of RMB 100 billion.

  Yingkeju aims at the control of air pollution source and is devoted to treating smog through patented high technology. It is not only a powerful measure taken by Chengdu Environment Group to engage itself in air and soil pollution control industry, improve the industrial chain of environmental industry and promote the development of environmental enterprises, but also a solid step to boost the development of air pollution control industry and help Chengdu Environment Group engage itself in air pollution control business.

VOCs Emission Source Control for Upgrading Furniture Industry of Chengdu

  The Work Focus for “Three Main Campaigns” on Pollution Prevention and Control in Sichuan Province 2017 proposes to implement comprehensive VOCs treatment project by conducting detailed survey on VOCs pollution source, completing the list of VOCs emission source and accelerating the treatment of VOCs in key industries and parks like automobile, coating and furniture.

  Chengdu Environment Group has established working groups rapidly to conduct field survey and special research, and decided to make joint efforts with Shenzhen Aleco Technology Co., Ltd. through equity cooperation to build shared coating center of furniture industry in Xindu District, Chongzhou City and Pengzhou City.

  Yingkeju will set up the first “Green Shared Smart Manufacturing Center” of China in Xindu District Furniture Industrial Park, carry on the unified operation and management to each furniture manufacturer’s furniture product spraying by using ultra-low temperature electrostatic powder coating technology, achieve the sharing of production factors, reduction of VOCs pollutants discharge and centralized environmental supervision, promote the upgrading of regional furniture industry, realize zero emission of VOCs during furniture manufacturing process and zero VOCs and zero formaldehyde of finished products, so as to provide a source control method for air pollution prevention and control, solve the problems of production limit and halt production for home furnishing industry, and make workers stay away from toxic environment and families enjoy green environment.

Write a New Chapter of Mixed Ownership Reform of State-owned Enterprises

  Yingkeju is a joint venture of Chengdu Environment Group, Xiangtou Group and Shenzhen Aleco Technology Co., Ltd. The establishment of Yingkeju is a key measure taken by Chengdu Environment Group to orderly promote the mixed ownership reform of a state-owned enterprise. It will effectively invigorate the state-owned enterprise, improve the efficiency of state-owned resources and improve the return rate of state-owned capital by introducing diversified capital and market-oriented operation mechanism.

  Chengdu Environment Group will give policy-oriented support to Yingkeju in such aspects as management system, employment mechanism and distribution mechanism, and spare no effort to accumulate valuable experience for achieving the mixed ownership reform of Chengdu Environment Group.

Exploring the “Futuristic Technology for Environmental Protection” of Yingkeju

  The expert team of Tsinghua University has solved the international problems of low temperature curing and damage of wood by heat deformation, and produced a hard surface film through the low-temperature curing of solid powder coating without liquid solvents, achieving subversive replacement of traditional oil and waterborne coating technology. Unlike traditional oil paint and water paint based coating technology, the film is characterized by zero emission of “three wastes” and zero content of formaldehyde, VOCs and benzene. It boasts environmental protection, efficient production, significant economic benefits and excellent film performance among other advantages; its technology has been granted numerous national patents as an international advanced technology effective in optimizing atmospheric environment.

  The technology has been incorporated into the List of National Advanced Technology for Pollution Prevention and Control (Air Pollution Control) 2018. The “sharing manufacturing” mode has been recognized by the Office of “Powerful Manufacturing Country Strategy Research” Project of the Chinese Academy of Engineering as a “typical advanced organizational form which is not only a key to alleviate overcapacity and environmental pressure but also a strategic guidance of the transformation and sustainable development of manufacturing industry”.

Advantage I

  No utilization of solvent or emission of VOCs during the production process. Producing curing powder through infrared curing process and achieving the evaporation of free formaldehyde within the material, realizing zero formaldehyde in finished products and creating a healthy environment.

  Automatic coating process and equipment are used to shorten the coating period and improve working environment, greatly reducing the risk of occupational diseases for workers.

Advantage II

  Excellent physical and chemical performance index. The surface of furniture reaches the hardness between 2H and 3H, and the yellowing resistance period is over 5 years.

Advantage III

  The sprayed surface is waterproof and moisture-proof.

  △ It can be used as a fish tank.

  △ It can be used to make sill.

  Advantage IV

  Rich decorative effect like sand grain, highlight, matte, wood grain and stone grain.

  Advantage V

  Colorful surface for making kids furniture.

  Advantage VI

  Available for arc design to enable safety in use and modeling

  The application of “futuristic technology for environmental protection” will

  boost Chengdu to build itself into a beautiful and livable park city!