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Chengdu Environment Group Is Honored as the “Listed Company with Most Investment Value of Water Industry of China 2017”


Chengdu Environment Group Is Honored as the “Listed Company with Most Investment Value of Water Industry of China 2017”

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  From April 2 to 3, 2018, the “Water Sector Strategic Forum 2018” organized by E20 Environment Platform was held in Beijing. Chengdu Xingrong Environment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Chengdu Environmen

  From April 2 to 3, 2018, the “Water Sector Strategic Forum 2018” organized by E20 Environment Platform was held in Beijing. Chengdu Xingrong Environment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Chengdu Environment Investment Group Co., Ltd., attended the forum together with leading enterprises of water industry, representatives of environmental listed companies, excellent financial institutions, media and research institutes engaged in water industry, government officials and people who pay close attention to water industry.

  With a subject of “Carry the Reform through to the End---Achievements in Water Industry Over the Past Two Decades Lead to an Ecological Future”, the forum aims at analyzing the current situation of China’s water environmental governance in the context of business, industry and the combination between industry and finance according to the original aspiration of CPC and the needs of the people, making an in-depth discussion on the necessary connection between business, water industry and financial industry, adhering to the principle of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, and exploring the systematic innovation of water industry.

  As the most influential integrated platform of environmental industry, E20 Environment Platform held the “Selection of Top Water Company in 2017”. The activity was designed to select excellent water companies based on quantitative indicators and perception indicators from six aspects including market performance, media attention, capability of innovation, entrepreneurship and team, brand competitiveness and public perception, so as to establish a benchmark of water industry and reveal the industrial trend. In the course of the activity, Chengdu Xingrong Environment Co., Ltd. was honored as the “Listed Company with Most Investment Value of Water Industry of China 2017”.

  The award is a recognition of the comprehensive strength of Chengdu Xingrong Environment Co., Ltd., including the capabilities of operation and management, capital operation and continuous technological innovation. Chengdu Xingrong Environment Co., Ltd. will grasp the opportunity of SOE reform and focus on the goal of “building a world-famous company of water industry within 5-10 years” to constantly enhance its core competitiveness, promote coordinated green development, actively seek for partners in such aspects as water and environmental protection, expand and improve industrial chain, and build a business layout featuring Chengdu based, China marketed and world oriented.