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A New Chapter in Chengdu-Hong Kong Cooperation Xingrong Group Joins Hands with China Cinda (Hong Kong) for Common Development


A New Chapter in Chengdu-Hong Kong Cooperation Xingrong Group Joins Hands with China Cinda (Hong Kong) for Common Development

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  On August 22, Xingrong Group went to Hong Kong for the "Chengdu: Building a National Finance Center in Western China" Forum, one of the featured activities of “Sichuan·Hong Kong·Macao Cooperation We

  On August 22, Xingrong Group went to Hong Kong for the "Chengdu: Building a National Finance Center in Western China" Forum, one of the featured activities of “Sichuan·Hong Kong·Macao Cooperation Week”. At the forum, the Group has signed with China Cinda (Hong Kong) a strategic cooperation framework agreement worth USD 1.5 billion as the investment fund for water affairs and environmental protection, thus breaking new ground for cooperation and a win-win scenario.

  At the forum, Fan Ruiping, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee and Secretary of the CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee, presented the prospect of Chengdu amid the backdrop of “westward opening-up policy of China and eastward policies of the world” to the audiences and encouraged further cooperation between enterprises of Chengdu and Hong Kong to share new opportunities brought by the Belt and Road initiative and to open a new chapter for Chengdu-Hong Kong cooperation.

  With the connectivity between the two financial centers, “the Pearl of the Orient” and “the land of abundance”, more international capitals and financial talents will come to Chengdu and inject new vigor and vitality for its local economic development. Meanwhile, enterprises in Chengdu will go global and grow stronger in a bigger stage. Embracing new opportunities of the Belt and Road, Xingrong Group intends to co-found an investment fund with China Cinda (Hong Kong) for the purpose of financing the projects of the Group to generate electricity through waste incineration in Lahore, Pakistan, the circular economy project of New York, the US, and potential water affairs and environmental protection projects for countries along the Belt and Road, so as to deliver greater prosperity for countries along the Belt and Road routes.

  The cooperation agreement will enable Xingrong Group and China Cinda (Hong Kong) to draw strength from each other, and lay a solid groundwork for deeper cooperation in all fields. It will blaze a trail for the Group to grow business at home and abroad and carry out the “Go Global” strategy, and mark a concrete step of the Group in shaping a global leading enterprise of the field within 5-10 years.