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Xingrong Group Makes its Presence in 2017 MIECF


Xingrong Group Makes its Presence in 2017 MIECF

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Delegation led by Yang Hongbo, Vice Governor of Sichuan Province, took part in the 2017 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition (MIECF) convened on the morning of March 30. Y

  Delegation led by Yang Hongbo, Vice Governor of Sichuan Province, took part in the 2017 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition (MIECF) convened on the morning of March 30. Yan Xuegui, Vice General Manager of Xingrong Group, together with other relevant personnel from the Investment Development Department of the Group, Xingrong Environmental Protection Technology Company and Chengdu Xingrong Renewable Energy Co. Ltd. also made their presence.

  Since firstly launched in 2008, MIECF has been committed to fueling exchanges and cooperation among environment protection-oriented enterprises, and positions itself as a green and significant platform for providing entrepreneurship opportunities and publicizing the principle of environmental conservation in such field. It is themed “Innovative Green Development for a Sustainable Future” this year.

  Vice Governor Yang inspected Sichuan-based enterprise exhibitors during the exhibition. When he came to the booth of Xingrong Group, Vice General Manager Yan reported to him the development strategy, main businesses and market expansion of the Group. Yang highly praised the excellent job done by the Group and noted that Xingrong as the leading enterprise of water affairs and environment protection in Western China, which has set a good example in Sichuan and even the whole western region. He expressed his hope that Xingrong should intensify its efforts towards reclaimed water use in the next stage and production cost reduction so as to further lift its corporate profitability.

  By virtue of communication, display and negotiation on the MIECF, Xingrong Group, the large water affairs and environment-friendly enterprise in China, steps further to enhance its visibility and influence, expand its international vision and strengthen cooperation with relevant enterprises both at home and abroad. In this way, the Group has laid a solid foundation for reaching its strategic goals.