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Delegation Led by Mr. Eric Hsu Visits Xingrong Group


Delegation Led by Mr. Eric Hsu Visits Xingrong Group

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  On January 10, Mr. Eric Hsu, Commercial Consul of Consulate General of the United States in Chengdu and other three members paid a visit to Xingrong Group. A discussion meeting was held between the 

  On January 10, Mr. Eric Hsu, Commercial Consul of Consulate General of the United States in Chengdu and other three members paid a visit to Xingrong Group. A discussion meeting was held between the delegation and relevant leaders of the Group, including Li Benwen, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Secretary of the Party Committee of Xingrong Group, and Zhou Wenlin, Vice General Manager of the Group, and others.

  During the discussion, Chairman Li introduced the Group’s basic information regarding core competence, development strategy and operation management. The two parts also had detailed discussions about overseas joint venture cooperation. Mr. Eric Hsu expressed his intention to maintain long contact with Xingrong and bridge the Group’s “go global” practices. He also showed his pleasure to advance exchanges and cooperation between Xingrong and enterprises based in the US in fields like water supply and sewage, power generation by garbage and hazardous waste disposal, so as to fuel the Group’s expansion of international businesses.

  Aligning with the Belt and Road initiative of China, Xingrong Group is proactive in integrating itself into the development pattern and accelerating the advancement of “go global”. It strives to cooperate with powerful foreign enterprises and institutions to give full play to each other’s strengths and develop the cooperation mechanism to expand international markets with concerted efforts. It is also committed to lifting its brand value and international influence in the field of water affairs and environment protection in a continuous way.