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Speedy and Stable “Go Global” Practices, Courageous and Committed Market Expansion


Speedy and Stable “Go Global” Practices, Courageous and Committed Market Expansion

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  Chairman Li Attended Jharkhand Global Investors Summit

  On December 2, 2016, Chairman Li Benwen of Xingrong Group led a delegation to the Momentum Jharkhand-Global Investors Summit convened in Sha

  Chairman Li Attended Jharkhand Global Investors Summit

  On December 2, 2016, Chairman Li Benwen of Xingrong Group led a delegation to the Momentum Jharkhand-Global Investors Summit convened in Shanghai. Jharkhand, located in the central part of India, sees itself as the pilot of India’s efforts to establish its “new-type smart city”, which presents an unprecedentedly favorable opportunity to the Group’s investment move.

  Taking the opportunity of the summit, Chairman Li elaborated to Mr. Sinha, Principal Secretary of Jharkhand, and other personnel the basic information of the development strategy, core competence and main businesses of the Group. And then, the two parts held active negotiations and discussions concerning the Group’s investment, construction and operation of projects related to water supply and sewage, river regulation, garbage disposal, urban infrastructure and the like in Jharkhand. Mr. Sinha and his group highly affirmed and praised Xingrong’s bountiful experience and strength in water affairs and environment protection, and expressed their sincere hope that cooperation in multiple fields between the two parts should be conducted in an all-round way in a bid to advance the construction of smart city with concerted efforts. Based on such progress, Chairman Li noted that working group of Xingrong would be dispatched to Jharkhand immediately for further discussion and negotiation concerning detailed cooperation matters.

  By virtue of this opportunity and in active response to the “go global” strategic arrangement of Chengdu CPC Municipal Committee and the People’s Government of Chengdu, Xingrong Group is committed to expanding its Indian market in a speedy and stable way and accelerating project implementation, for the purpose of laying a consolidated foundation to reach its ambition of building itself into a well-known enterprise among global peers in five to ten years.