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Saudi Arabian Government Delegation Pays a Survey Visit to Xingrong Group


Saudi Arabian Government Delegation Pays a Survey Visit to Xingrong Group

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  On November 29, Muhan Sharman, Senior Planning Analyst of the Board of Directors Office of Saudi Aramco, and his panel paid a survey visit to Xingrong Group, accompanied by Wang Maoyang, Principal o

  On November 29, Muhan Sharman, Senior Planning Analyst of the Board of Directors Office of Saudi Aramco, and his panel paid a survey visit to Xingrong Group, accompanied by Wang Maoyang, Principal of Office of Foreign Economic Cooperation, the Academy of Macroeconomic Research, the National Development and Reform Commission, and other leaders from Sichuan Development and Reform Commission and Chengdu Municipal Development and Reform Commission.

  After watching enterprise publicity video at the Symposium, Li Benwen, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Secretary of the Party Committee of Xingrong Group, made a detailed introduction to the Group, from development strategy and core advantages to energy projects. Also, Senior Planning Analyst Muhan Sharman gave a detailed introduction to related issues. In addition, both parties made an in-depth discussion on sewage treatment, utilization of resurgent water, garbage power and joint venture cooperation and other issues.

  After the Symposium, the government delegation, accompanied by Yan Xuegui, Vice General Manager of the Group, visited the Ninth Sewage Treatment Plant, a subsidiary water drainage company of the Group, and learned about water treatment-related technologies and processes. The government delegation expressed appreciation for the advanced sewage treatment technologies of the Group, and conveyed their willingness to develop all-round cooperation with Xingrong Group in water affairs and environmental protection, to jointly advance the improvement of ecological environment and sustainable development of economy.