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Chengdu Xingrong Environment Co., Ltd. (Xingrong Environment for short) recently won twowater affairs projects of RMB 1.355 billion
Bonds, innovative products providing support
China Development Bank Inspected Huaizhou New Town Cooperative Regional Project
Chengdu Xingrong Environmental Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Xingrong Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Participate in CDEPE 2019
OnMarch21,the2019ChengduInternationalEnvironmentalProtectionExpo("CDEPE2019")washeldinChengduCenturyCityNewInternationalConventionandExhibitionCenter.    Asinvitedexhibitors,ChengduEnvironmentGroup’ss
Chengdu Environment Group Appears at the 20th IE Expo China 2019
Chengdu Shuangliu Hangdu Environment Investment Co., Ltd. Unveiled Today
Chengdu Environment Group Signs a Water Supply and Drainage Cooperation Agreement with Shuangliu District
  On December 19, Chengdu Environment Group signed a water supply and drainage cooperation agreement with Shuangliu District, which opened the all-round and substantive cooperation between the two par
The Demonstration Project in Jiudaoyan River Basin Is Commenced
  The Commencement Ceremony of the Demonstration Project in Jiudaoyan River Basin   On December 3, the Intensive Commencement Events of Major Projects & “Three Main Campaigns” on Pollution Prevention
Chengdu Xingrong Environment Co., Ltd. Successfully Releases Its First MTNs of 2018
  On November 28, Chengdu Xingrong Environment Co., Ltd. released its first medium term notes (MTNs) of 2018. The amount of issue was RMB 500 million, with a term of 3+2 years and a nominal interest r
International Experts Consulting Conference on Planning for Tuo River Development Axis on East Side of Longquan Mountain, Chengdu
  The Tuo River development axis on the east side of Longquan Mountain is a major supporting and leading project for Chengdu to implement the “Eastward Strategy”, as well as an important part of Cheng
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