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Water supply service

Water supply service

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Chengdu Water Co., Ltd. has eight water plants in Sichuan, Hainan and other provinces, with a total water supply capacity of 2.35 million cubic meters per day. In Chengdu, the water supply covers the central urban area and Pixian County, and radiates Xindu, Longquan and Shuangliu. The service area is 350 square kilometers, serving more than 4 million people. The scale of water supply ranks first in the West and seventh in the whole country. The qualified rate of effluent water quality is 100%, which is the first batch of water plants in China. The difference between production and marketing is 15%, and the utilization ratio of production capacity is 93.8%. ​

Water supply safety

Early warning and monitoring. Tap water company has established a 24-hour real-time monitoring system for important raw water indicators from raw water, process water, factory water to pipeline water. Through on-line monitoring instruments, real-time data acquisition, video image transmission, 24-hour personnel on duty and other measures to ensure that early warning is safe.

Process control. The water company has fully realized the automatic operation and remote control of the whole process of water plant production. According to the real-time data collected by the dynamic monitoring system, local and remote control is timely implemented through the company's dispatching center and the water plant to ensure the timely response of the water plant production process control, to respond in an orderly manner, and to greatly improve the reliability of operation. And safety.

Pipe network maintenance. The water supply company has established a management platform for pipeline inspection, fire fighting and drainage, active maintenance of facilities, leak detection, hotline call and emergency repair of pipeline network. The system is sound and the process is complete. At present, the company's pipeline repair time limit and production and marketing gap control are in the leading level in the country.

Water quality testing. Water quality monitoring center of water company is Chengdu monitoring station of national urban water supply quality monitoring network. It has complete water quality monitoring system, and has the detection ability of 106 indicators of national drinking water sanitation standard, and 44 indicators of 9 kinds of products, such as surface water, groundwater, polyaluminium chloride. The water quality of water supply reaches and surpasses the new national "Sanitary Standard for Drinking Water". The qualified rate of water quality of factory water reaches 100%, the qualified rate of water quality of pipeline network reaches 99.5%, which is higher than the national standard of 95%, and the water quality of water supply is in the lead in China.

Emergency Management. At present, the water supply company has established dozens of special plans covering public health incidents, water supply system emergencies, chemical pollution, high turbidity emergency response and other special plans, supporting the establishment of domestic advanced emergency water treatment system. In recent years, the company has successfully coped with several debris flow emergencies, and has always ensured the uninterrupted water supply in the city. The water quality has always met the national standards, and the water supply security ability has withstood the test of practice. ​​

Water supply service

Tap water company has built a special service management platform, formed a management model of "customer demand-oriented, business process-centered", established a multi-level and all-round service quality management system, supplemented by supporting performance appraisal system, real-time monitoring of key business points, forming response, implementation and inspection. Check and improve the virtuous circle of improvement. The company's service quality management has the characteristics of self-evaluation and external evaluation.

Self assessment system. Users only need to call the water supply hotline 962965, and their water service needs will be effectively responded. Hotline platform operates independently outside the production, operation and sales systems to ensure timely collection and transmission of information, timely delivery and feedback of rectification instructions, so that problems can be exposed and dealt with in time. The system has successfully passed the final examination of the Customer Liaison Center Standard System, and obtained four-star certification, becoming the third domestic water industry unit to pass the certification.

External evaluation system. Water company entrusts a third party professional evaluation company to evaluate the satisfaction of water sales, packaging and service twice a year. Through this form of third-party evaluation, customer comments are collected, service quality is analyzed, shortcomings are identified, and continuous improvement is made. In the past four years, the evaluation results show that customer satisfaction is above 80 points, reaching the level of satisfaction. ​

Technological superiority

The water company has a team focusing on technological innovation, with more than 300 senior and middle titles. The water plant automation control system, production data acquisition and monitoring (SCADA) system, water supply network geographic information system (GIS) and pipeline network hydraulic model system have been built successively, and the core technologies covering water quality early warning and monitoring, water plant production automation control, and pipeline network information monitoring and analysis have been formed with production and operation as the main line. These four systems are in the leading position in the domestic industry, which strongly supports the safe and reliable operation of the company's water supply system and ensures timely response to emergencies. Especially with the hydraulic model system of the pipeline network, the dynamic analysis of the water supply network is realized through the research, development, operation and use, which provides a good guidance for the development planning of the pipeline network, production scheduling scheme, water shutdown scheme of the pipeline network, optimization and transformation of the pipeline network, accident analysis of the pipeline network, and provides a strong support for the production and operation management. Decision-making support, currently ranks the first level in the national industry. ​