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water project

water project

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Lijiayan Reservoir Project is one of the 172 major national water projects and 12 PPP pilot projects. It is the first reservoir project of Xingrong Group's raw water strategy and the second important water source guarantee project in Chengdu.

Lijiayan Reservoir is located in Wenjingjiang Mountain Reach of the Upper Reaches of the Minjiang River, the first tributary of Qingfengling Community, Huaiyuan Town, Chongzhou City, Sichuan Province. It is a large (2) type water conservancy project. The main task of project development is to supply water for urban and rural areas, and provide emergency backup water for water supply in Chengdu, taking into account the comprehensive utilization of irrigation and power generation.

The project is mainly composed of dams, flood discharge and energy dissipation facilities, urban and rural water supply system, irrigation and ecological water diversion and power generation system and other buildings. The dam type is concrete face rockfill dam. The reservoir has a normal water level of 763.00 meters, a total reservoir capacity of 171.41 million cubic meters and a maximum dam height of 123.0 meters. The installed capacity of the power station is 12 MW, with an average annual power generation capacity of 38.41 MW/h.

Lijiayan Reservoir Project is listed as one of the 20 major new water conservancy projects in 2016.